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April 8th, 2018

Thank you for the high-quality bee packages for myself and for our 4-H Beekeeping Project members. When we picked up our order in Dixon the queens and the package bees were in excellent condition and you were very patient and helpful when explaining the installation process and answering our many questions.

I will be recommending your apiary to others and will look forward to working with you again next year!


Dana from Penryn, California - United States
April 14th, 2016

Hi, I am a newbie, but right from the start Phil was so kind and spent an exorbitant amount of time sharing everything I needed to know making me feel confident about the avocation I was entering in to. I received my two packages today in great condition, and the packaging was far superior to that that I had seen on numerous videos, my install into the hives appears to have gone well, and a lot of the credit belongs to Phil.
Many thanks, Bill

Bill from Stockton, California - United States
May 21st, 2015

I Ordered my first Bee Package Yesterday through and requested a Cardovan Queen, and they came in today Buzzin like a chainsaw, :-) and had the Queen I requested, will do Business again. Thanks William.

William from , United States
April 10th, 2015

This is my 5th year trying to keep bees but the first time ordering on line. I typically go to a local keeper and order bees through him. The install is always painful and most of the bees are already dead by the time I get the package. This time I received the 5 packages with no issues (very little dead bees!) I was worried having bees shipped would be even worse. Turned out this was the easiest install I have done yet! The bees all seemed calm(ish) and I have a great feeling the are going to make it this time. THANK YOU! I will defiantly order again. Loved how you had them packaged with the fondant vs syrup and the plastic queens cage. Lastly loved she was marked with blue, that is much easier to identify during a hive check.

Billie from , United States
January 22nd, 2015

I purchased 3 packages of bees in April 2014. They bees arrived buzzing with excitement. They were in great condition when they arrived.
The customer service here is great. All my questions and concerns were answered. I am new to beekeeping and was a little nervous about buying bees online. After much research I decided to buy my bees here.
I was very happy with everything with purchasing my bees here. They have thrived. I plan on expanding and buying more bees this spring.

Valerie from Visalia, California - United States
June 12th, 2014

This is my first year beekeeping. I have 2 hives which I have named for my two grandchildren. Sophia and Jonathan. Sophia's hive has thrived since day one. They are on their 3rd box where Jonathan's hive was slower to move and still in 1st box. Waited to long to check his hive and when I did I found it loaded with drone cells and only a little brood. I was told to relax the bees would take care of the problem on their own. They didn't. Now drones were everywhere. I ordered a new queen from you and I picked out over 120 drones, drown them and took out the original queen. Put in the new queen 24 hours later. She was let out in less than 2 days. Because she was marked I spotted her through the window two days later and I know she has been accepted! Cannot tell you how happy I am that this hive now has a fighting chance to thrive and grow. I could not be more pleased with you and your website!

Suzanne from Elkhorn , Wisconsin - United States
June 11th, 2014

We received our new Carniolan Queen Bee, complete with attendants, in good condition, less than 24 hours after we ordered from you. She is now going to be a resident of Michigan. My husband is a hobby beekeeper, with two hives. Needless to say that with only two hives he spends a fair amount of time observing the bees & watching their behavior. He became quite concerned a week or more ago when it looked as if one hive was becoming rather slow & inactive. He thought perhaps the queen was getting old. Much to his surprise upon opening the hive, he discovered no queen. She apparently had died & the bees were floundering with no direction. I immediately checked your website, since we have ordered from you before & was very surprised to find we could still order a mated queen bee. It would seem a rather high price for some people to pay $70 for a queen; however, knowing the fate of the entire hive rests on her shoulders, it's not that much. Getting one quickly was very important. She has been installed in her new quarters & already the hive is beginning to show increased action. My husband is quite thrilled. Hopefully this will turn the hive around & save it. Thanks for your prompt service. We are happy customers!!!

Fred from Riverdale, Michigan - United States
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