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Buying Honey Bees - 3lb Package Bees for Sale in 2017 - Northern Californi Supplier - Pickup in Dixon CA Solano County between Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area | Noble Apiaries
To ensure your package of bees for 2019, we advise you to order early since packages typically sell out fast. Our online store opens on January 19 for the 2019 package bee season.

Russian Package Bees 3lb - Pick Up in Dixon, CA

 2021 Pick Up Packages

$165 per package for one

$162.5 per package for 2-5 packages

$160 per package for 6-10 packages

$157.5 per package for 11 or more packages


3 lb packages with Pure Russian Queen raised and bred by Steve Coy for pick up in Dixon, CA on select Saturdays in April 2021 from 9:00AM - 1:00PM

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 If you do need help then feel free to call.  (707) 628-6046

Price: $165.00


Quantity Discount

When you buy 1:
Regular Price: $165.00
When you buy 2 to 5:
Sale Price: $162.50 You Save: $2.50 (1.52%)!
When you buy 6 to 100:
Sale Price: $160.00 You Save: $5.00 (3.03%)!


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