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As of July 20, 2016, We added 50 more queens for sale.  Please click here to see availability. 

We are currently sold out of Packages for the 2016 season.

Late 2016 Nucs may be available for special pickup order by phone arrangement.

We specialize in making it easy to order high quality package bees and queens online.  A list of currently available store categories are posted to the right.   Or you can simply scroll down to see more details regarding our products.

  • WHEN TO ORDER: Every Season our online store opens on January 15.  Make sure to place your order early to get your preferred shipping dates. 
  • PICK UP:  If you purchase anything for pick up then typically the pick up location will be at 5420 Dixon Ave West, Dixon CA 95620.   Check your invoice for exact pick up date.  Pick up hours are 8am to 1pm.  However, it is always best for the bees to pick them up early in the morning. 
  • SHIPPING:  Our Queens and Package Bees are shipped via overnight UPS or USPS in certain cases.  Make sure you look at the shipping cost before submitting your payment.
  • POLICIES: Please make sure you read our policies.  Pay special attention to our cancellation policy.  Any order placed less than the selected date range is not avalable for cancellation.
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Five Frame Nuc
Price: $170.00

Five frame nuc

Please Call before ordering to make sure availability and time that will work

Five frame nuc with laying queen.   One frame of honey, two frames of brood, two new frames.  Available for pick up only.  Five frames come in an EZ Nuc box (11" x 8.5" x 23").

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Price: $170.00
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Quantity Discount

When you buy 1:
Regular Price: $170.00
When you buy 2 to 5:
Sale Price: $160.00 You Save: $10.00 (5.88%)!
When you buy 6 to 10:
Sale Price: $155.00 You Save: $15.00 (8.82%)!
When you buy 11 to 20:
Sale Price: $147.70 You Save: $22.30 (13.12%)!
When you buy 21 to 50:
Sale Price: $140.00 You Save: $30.00 (17.65%)!
When you buy 51 to 100:
Sale Price: $137.50 You Save: $32.50 (19.12%)!
When you buy 101 or more:
Sale Price: $125.00 You Save: $45.00 (26.47%)!


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