Our queen sales are currently on hold.   If you are interested in purchasing queens feel free to email us.

Queen Bees for Sale

If you have been looking through your hives in 2014 and are looking to do splits, replace old or missing queens, we have queens for sale. 

All our queens are all 100% mated and laying at least 3 weeks before we pick them for your order. 


If you have any questions
 regarding our queens
or your order,
please call us at
707 628-6046

 NOTE:  We are selling at this time whatever type of queens we have left in our queen banks for 2013.  If you prefer a queen with a more Italian or Carniolan trait then please type it in the notes section of your order.   We will do our best to acomodate your request.

  1. If you are unfamiliar with the Carniolan traits please check the links below.
Cancelation Policy

Our policy says that any order placed less than one week from the selected ship date is not available for cancelation.

If you must cancel or change the ship date of your order then you can do so for $20.00. Please have your order number available.


2014 Queens

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Please select your preferred queen type and requested shipping date as available.
  2. We require your phone number in case we need to contact you regarding your order.
  3. If you have any special requests fill in your request below.
  4. Call before ordering to discuss any special requests as we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  5. On the the final checkout when choosing shipping options be sure to have your queens shipped via UPS Overnight.
  6. If you choose any other service options we will hold your order for pickup only.
  7. If you choose any other option you will need to make a shipping adjustment purchase on our website to pay for the increased shipping expenses.

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Queen Bees for Sale
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You can only purchase a maximum quantity of 1000 for this order.
When you buy 1: $30.00 Base Price
When you buy 2 to 9: $27.50 You save: $2.5 (8.33%)!
When you buy 10 to 25: $25.00 You save: $5 (16.67%)!
When you buy 26 to 49: $23.00 You save: $7 (23.33%)!
When you buy 50 to 99: $21.50 You save: $8.5 (28.33%)!
When you buy 100 or more: $21.00 You save: $9 (30%)!
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Add Queen Attendants:  This option is for those who order 5 or more queens.  Adding attendants inside each queen cage takes significantly more time than boxing your order and having attendant on the outside of the queen cages.   We are therefore charging 50 cents per cage to add 3-4 attendants in each queen cage for any order of 5 or more queens.:
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Quantity Discount

When you buy 1:
Regular Price: $30.00
When you buy 2 to 9:
Sale Price: $27.50 You Save: $2.50 (8.33%)!
When you buy 10 to 25:
Sale Price: $25.00 You Save: $5.00 (16.67%)!
When you buy 26 to 49:
Sale Price: $23.00 You Save: $7.00 (23.33%)!
When you buy 50 to 99:
Sale Price: $21.50 You Save: $8.50 (28.33%)!
When you buy 100 to 1000:
Sale Price: $21.00 You Save: $9.00 (30%)!
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