Package Bees 3lb - Pick Up in Dixon, CA

 2014 Pick Up Packages - Now Available for Purchase.


3 lb packages for pick up in Dixon, CA on Saturdays in April 2014 from 9:00AM - 1:00PM

  • Select your preferred queen type.
  • Select if you want the queen or the extra queen clipped or marked.
  • If you would like to add an extra queen for each package then select: "1 Extra Queen."   Note:  This is one extra queen per package.
  • Select a preferred pick up date.
Package Description: Inside your package you will find:
  • A Queen Bee in a Queen Cage suspended from the top of your Package. (The queen and the worker bees are originally from different hives and are separated until they get use to each other's scent.)
  • Worker bees: Aproximately 10,500 bees for 3lb Package.
Package Bees 3lb - Pick Up in Dixon, CA
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When you buy 1: $115.00 Base Price
When you buy 2 to 5: $110.00 You save: $5 (4.35%)!
When you buy 6 to 10: $107.50 You save: $7.5 (6.52%)!
When you buy 11 to 20: $105.00 You save: $10 (8.70%)!
When you buy 21 or more: $100.00 You save: $15 (13.04%)!
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Package Bees Picked Up in Dixon, CA:

Customer is to pick up their order package bees with queen at 5420 Dixon Avenue West, Dixon, CA 95620, unless other arrangements are made. Customers that pick up product must examine the content of package bees and queens for satisfaction. We will then exchange any queen or package bee not to the satisfaction of the customer. Leaving the premises of Noble Apiaries with product constitutes customer satisfaction with the order.

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Quantity Discount

When you buy 1:
Regular Price: $115.00
When you buy 2 to 5:
Sale Price: $110.00 You Save: $5.00 (4.35%)!
When you buy 6 to 10:
Sale Price: $107.50 You Save: $7.50 (6.52%)!
When you buy 11 to 20:
Sale Price: $105.00 You Save: $10.00 (8.70%)!
When you buy 21 to 100:
Sale Price: $100.00 You Save: $15.00 (13.04%)!
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