Package Bees

2017 Package Bees
Package Bees for sale with queen.
All the bees you need to start a beehive.

Starting mid January 2017 we will open up our store
for selling package bees for the Spring of 2016

Sizes: We are making available 3lb packages .

Pickup or Delivery: We are offering both options at this time.

Option 1: You may pick them up or set up arrangements for transportation. Pricing per package depends on quantity ordered.
Option 2: We offer package bees delivered to your doorstep via UPS Next Day Air, the best option for prompt delivery while saving you time and gas.

Pricing Structure for Delivered Package Bees

Pricing Structure for Pickup Package Bees

Approximate Amount of Workers to the Pound

1 lb

2 lb

3 lb






Package Description: Inside your package you will find:

  • A Queen Bee in a Queen Cage suspended from the top of your Package. (The queen and the worker bees are originally from different hives and are separated until they get use to each other's scent.)
  • Worker bees: Amount based on your Package's order size.
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